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Documentation always plays a vital role in any appointment or interview. If you are planning to visit Portugal, then you must keep all your documents well-updated, well-maintained and organised. It generally happens to lots of people that due to a little bit of negligence a lot of applications get rejected on the ground of improper documents and inadequate submission.

So if you are applying for the custom writing essay service Business Visa or Tourist Visa, Long term Stay or Short Term Stay, if you are applying as/for spouse of EU/UK resident, or even if you are applying as student living in UK willing to travel to Portugal, you must present accurate documents at Portugal Visa Center.

Off-course there would be certain changes according to the individual case and its applicants. But do not worry you will be fully guided by our professionals in this process to get it done as easy as possible. We are here for your assistance and are committed to help in every way we can so that you may get your Visa on time with following few easy steps.

Here is the list of documents. Please submit all these following documents at embassy visa center in person. Also make sure that put your documents in the same order as you are seeing them below –

1. Passport – Submit the Passport that contains UK residence permit/visa in, both valid for at least 3 months beyond your trip. In case if your UK visa is stamped in your previous/old passport then please provide both old and new passports.

2. Photo – Submit 1 passport size recent photograph of yours in gray/light/off white or white background. Please make sure that the photograph you submit is different from the photos on any old visas or passport. Again to remind you, be ensure that you are submitting your most recent photograph.

3. Application Form For Each Applicant – DOWNLOAD HERE

4. Transport Details – A confirmation/reservation return ticket to Portugal of any means such as Plane, Bus and Ferry etc. Or you can show your booking to Portugal. You can also use and submit the internet print-outs which are also acceptable.

5. Accommodation Proof – You have to show your confirmed hotel booking and as said you can also submit the internet print-outs which are acceptable.

6. Travel Insurance – You also must have a travel insurance that states the name Schengen area covering all your expenses. We suggest you that you should go for Annual travel insurance for long term visa. (Note* – Medical cover insurance is different from travel insurance)

7. Bank Statement of Last 3 Months

– During the time of your appointment you must also have to show you bank statement for last 3 months. If you don’t have any bank statement or balance in that case you will have to submit original EURO traveller cheque. For each person cheque amount will be £60 for each day of your stay.

8. Letter of Recommendation from Your Current Employer/Company – If you are working somewhere as employee then you has to submit a letter from employer which should not be older than 1 month before the date of application. The letter must be on headed paper. Must confirm you are an employee of an organisation and also your job tile should be also being present on the recommendation letter.

  • If Unemployed – In case if you are unemployed or you are not working anywhere and are supported by your spouse then in that case, spouse’s employment letter (as p.i), spouse’s bank statement (as p.f), original spouse’s stamped by respective embassies should be there.
  • If Self-Employed – If you are doing your own business that means if you are self-employed, a letter from your accountant must be provided on the headed paper. The headed paper must confirm that you are self-employed. The letter should include the business name. Annual income and type of business should be also been mentioned and it should not be more than one month old.

9. Student – If you are a student, letter from your college or university on the letterhead will do the needful. The letter which is confirming your admission should not be older than 1 month, stating your course and dates of graduation.

10. Business / Conference – If you are planning to travel for the purpose of business or conference then letter that you submit must have invitation station your name, company name and also the purpose of your trip along with the dates and contacts of the inviting organisation. If the company is in Portugal – fax will be acceptable. If the company is in UK as a conference organizer, in this case original postal letter is required. E-mails are not accepted.

11. Spouse of British National / EU National – The original marriage certificate or original UK/EU passport is required and is most needed. If it is not in English, than a valid translated and verified copy of the marriage certificate is required.


“Portuguese Embassy will going to need ALL DOCUMENTS which are mentioned above in the list from spouses of UK/EU citizens which include tickets, bank statements etc.”

People from the below given Nationalities for you it will take around 15 working days or it may consume more time for processing.

These Nations Are –

Afghanistan Algeria Albania Bahrain Bangladesh Burundi Congo
Colombia Egypt Indonesia Iran Iraq Jordan Kuwait
Lebanon Libya Nepal Nigeria North Korea Oman Pakistan
Palestine Philippines Qatar Rwanda Saudi Arabia Somalia Sierra Leone
Somalia Sri Lanka Suriname Sudan Syria Tunisia U. A. E.
Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

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