Terms & Conditions

  1. We reserve all the right to accept a case, completing the required work and if necessary terminate the agreement. We also reserve the right to not take any particular application or case. Once the case taken, we ensure you that before submitting your application to the Consulate or Embassy, proper policies, procedure and documentation are followed to complete your Visa application.
  2. Once the fee is paid for visa consulting at Visaportugal.co.uk is 50 % refundable in case if appointment is cancelled. If appointment is cancelled from your end before we booked it with the embassy 50% of your fee would be returned to you. The fee will not be refunded if the appointment is booked with embassy.
  3. We will try our best to ensure that correct documentation and procedure are followed during application submission. Yet we do not guarantee you the time that would be taken in Issuance of Visa. As the procedure is determined by the embassy only. Embassy has all the right to not issue you visa or reject your application without any explanation. The visa’s length is depended on the discretion of the embassy.
  4. The appointment booking charges are separate from Visa Fee which that is payable to embassy with your application form at visa application collection centre. Visaportugal.co.uk has all the rights to raise the charges at anytime with or without your prior notice.
  5. There is a difference in fee structure between normal and premium appointment booking. In case of Urgent appointment which is if you want your appointment to be booked within 3 days than extra £20 will be charged if the appointment is booked. Generally our fee is £53 Pounds so in case of urgency it would be £73 in case your appointment is booked.
  6. If your appointment is booked and if you fail to attend the interview on the scheduled date, we won’t guarantee next day appointment and with that fresh applications have to be processed. The applications off-course must have necessary amendments done in it, like travelling dates, hotel booking, flight booking etc. There will be additional charges for rescheduling your interview/appointments.
  7. We are not having the ability to influence any Embassy or Government department to process your applications more quickly, irrespective of the type of appointment booked for you, Normal or Premium.
  8. We do not ask for physical documents to submit at our office, so Visaportugal.co.uk is not responsible to accept such couriers sent by applicant or through a representative.
  9. We are not responsible for any damage or any loss that rises when your documents are in the possession of Embassy, the post office or an outside company/agency or department. Unless the loss occurs because of our wilful negligence we do not accept any loss or damage arising. So it will be whole solely your responsibility to ensure that have adequate insurance to cover such situation.
  10. Each and every single application is reviewed separately at the time of application. No guarantee can be given for visa issuance.
  11. In case if you are not having sufficient time or if you failed to submit the requested documents, in either case we are not liable if Embassy refuse your visa or not processing your visa on time.
  12. You can book your appointment from Monday to Friday. Between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Refund Policy: In case if you wish to cancel your appointment after paying fee online, then we will offer you 50 % refund after deducting our service charge.

Disclaimer: Portugal Visa will not be held responsible for any delay or refusal of any application And We are a private consultant (Private Visa Agency) and are not affiliated with U.K Embassy or any Consulate.

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