Get Your Portugal Holiday Visa Now And Travel To Portugal

Portugal Is One Of The Countries Europe And Comes Under The Schengen Agreement. Schengen Is A Group Of Countries Which Requires A Common Visa. It Is Bound By The Act Of 1955 Schengen Agreement. Portugal Embassy Will Issue The Schengen Visas.

Portugal Holiday Visa
Portugal Holiday Visa And Travel To Portugal

The Visa Implies For You To Travel For 90 Days As A Tourist And Not For Work.

How To Get Portugal Tourist Visa:

  • If you intend to visit only Portugal, you need to apply at the Embassy or Consulate of Portugal.
  • If you intend to visit other Schengen countries, you must apply at the Embassy or Consulate of the country which is your main destination.
  • If you have many destinations in your mind and intend to visit several Schengen countries then, you have to apply at the Consulate of the first entry point.

At the Embassy or at the Consulate, one must fill the application by the person applying in whose jurisdiction you reside. All the Fingerprints in the stored VIS can be re-used for further visa applications within the next 5 years, so these later applications do not require for the person to attend the interview again. The Portugal Visa Processing will take some time and will get the visa work done.

The Time Required To Issue Visa Is Between 5-14 Days For Portugal Tourist Visa.

Portugal Visa Requirement:

Depending on nationality from which country you belong to and the duration of stay, some or all of the following may be required:

  • A valid Passport for 3 months after date of return is to be available and with at least one blank visa page;
  • Two colour passport size photo
  • Proof of sufficient means of support;
  • Proof of health insurance coverage.

Now Coming To The Basic Of Portugal Tourist Visa, The Following Is Required:

Passport or official travel documents accepted by Portugal, valid for minimum 3 months which is longer than the validity of the visa.

  • Application form duly filled in capital letters;
  • Two passport-size photo;
  • Proof of purpose of visit is to be available in the form of a letter of invitation.
  • You have to also have a sufficient funds proof and also insurance on medical will be required. Fee (payable in cash, by postal order or by cheque);

How Long Is The Portugal Tourist Visa Valid For?

Visa is valid 30 to 90 days which is over the period of one year. You visit Portugal with your family and friends, Now with these detail you can able to get Portugal Tourist Visa. You can download the Portugal Visa Application From the online websites and the agencies.

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Enjoy New Year Holiday In Portugal

Portugal is best place to spend new year vacation. Here is the list of Top Places Of Portugal:-

  1. Lisbon
  2. Oporto
  3. Evora
  4. Algarve
  5. Sintra

1. Lisbon

Lisbon is an amazing place to spend. Wonderful waterfront location, awesome climate attracts the tourist. Visit the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos buildings, Oceanario de Lisboa Lisbon’s Oceanarium is one of the most attractive and highlight of Lisbon containing fishes and marine animals. This is one of the largest Oceanarium of Europe. Visit the Historic monuments of Lisbon like Torre de Belem, the tower is regarded as a masterpiece of military architecture. Another historic attraction is Convento do Cristo, on the riverside town of Tomar.

Visit The Top Places Of Portugal

2. Oporto

Travel to Oporto to see the Torre de Clerigos, one of the defining landmarks of Oporto. It is standing 75 meters above the streets and overlooking the old town. To reach the top of it, visitors need to climb upwards nearly 200 steps, but you will forget the huffing and puffing once you reach the top, the view of the city and River Douro is just awesome. Another hugely popular historic attraction for tourist is the Castelo de Sao Jorge of Lisbon, its fun to visit the castle.

3. Evora

Visit the beautiful places in Evora, you’ll find Roman temple, stunning Cathedral and several other tourist attractions. Coimbra, a small charming town located in the Mondego River in Central Portugal. Get lost in the beautiful gardens, historic sites, amazing Cathedral, and very importantly, don’t forget to see the University of Coimbra to admire the world’s most wonderful libraries.

4. Algarve

Algarve is filled with exciting places like beaches, historic sites, beautiful gardens, incredible cuisine. Algarve is located in the southernmost region of Portugal. You can also travel to Obidos, situated on a hilltop in the central region of western Portugal. Enjoy in the cobbled streets, magnificent castles, and other few historic attractions you’ll get to experience in Obidos.

5. Sintra

Sintra offers you charming castles, pretty villas and palaces. One of the famous palaces is Pena’s palace surrounded by huge trees, parks, beautiful flowers. Also visit the ancient ruins of the castle on the city’s highest hill and the Monserrate palace. Take a break in Porto, enjoy the awesome food in Porto’s restaurants. Enjoy the music, dance, and street vendors. Then you can visit the other places like Madeira, Aveiro, and Azores in Portugal.

Get Portugal Tourist Visa to visit all this beautiful places of Portugal. Download Portugal Visa Application Form Online. To travel to the other places of European countries you can Apply For Portugal Schengen Visa. Check online to know about the Portugal Visa Processing and Portugal Visit Visa Fees.

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