Portugal Spouse Visa

All those applicant who are applying as the Spouse of UK/EES/EU Nationals, according to the new norms they need to show or submit all those documents same as you show for Normal Portugal Tourist Visa Application.

1. Original Valid Passport of the British/EU/EEA Nationals:

All those British/EU/EEA nationals who hold identity cards, they are requested to make sure, when asked for their identification that they do provide their original passport and not their identity card.

2. The Schengen Visa Application Form:

The Form that you filled for as visa application form, it requires two signature of the applicant or their guardian in box number 37 and in the last box of declaration.

Application Form For Each Applicant – DOWNLOAD HERE

3. The Original Marriage Certificate / Birth Certificate (Minors Case):

The applicant along with the Application form also has to submit the original marriage certificate which should be either in English Language or in Portuguese. If it is not possible for you to submit the same in English then you have to provide an English translation of the certificate that has been authenticated by the UK Embassy of the country where the original certificate has been issued.

4. Travel Insurance:

As mentioned earlier, the travel insurance that you take should cover the period of your intended stay in the Schengen area. The bank on their original letterhead must confirm that you are having your account with that bank. Make sure this confirmation must not be older than 30 days before the date of your application. The travel insurance which is taken out from the post office should be accompanied by the original receipt as well as the policy brochure.

5. Flight Ticket:

As a proof you have to submit travel of the EU/EEA/Swiss National. Also a confirmed return ticket to Portugal (Plane, bus, ferry etc.) or booking which is fully padded from your travel agent.

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